What It Means to Be a Bluebird Customer Care Representative

Bluebird Botanicals customer service

What does it mean to be a Customer Care Representative at Bluebird Botanicals? If you ask each of our employees, they’ll have their own specific highlights, but they all share one common theme: compassion. It’s a company-held value and characteristic found in each Bluebird employee. 

Working as a Customer Care Representative, or CCR, at Bluebird Botanicals means not only acting as the face and voice of the company but also acting as the link between our customers and the soul of the company. Even our leadership staff have origins as CCRs, and it’s that kind of firsthand experience that allows them to preserve the spirit of the company while keeping it adept and adaptable in a changing industry. CCRs are what enable Bluebird to stay aware of what is important to those we’re serving. 

Being a CCR at Bluebird means connecting with our customers, providing everything from critical product information to respectful support through some very difficult times. CCRs at Bluebird get to help people on a daily basis, and it makes their jobs not only enjoyable but “fulfilling in a profound way,” according to CCR Atlas Gamidion. Our CCRs have said that talking to customers can sometimes feel like therapy - and that it can go both ways. 

We can talk about talking until we’re blue in the face (aren’t we already?), but most of you have probably had the opportunity to speak with one of our care team members directly, which says far more than we ever could. Because part of what it means to be a CCR at Bluebird, outside of exemplary communication skills and tact, is expressing your individuality as a tool for connection.

What does this look like? In the office, it looks like one of the most diverse wardrobes you’ve encountered. From elven attire to Rainbow Brite, we’ve got it all. But it goes deeper than just attire. CCRs use their individuality and their unique collection of experiences to show up for themselves and the Bluebird community every day. It’s what allows them to listen attentively, and provide expert guidance.  And it feeds directly into Bluebird’s core mission to make health and wellness radically accessible to all. 

Being a CCR means being someone who actually cares not just about the company, but our customers, our team, and what our company stands for. And, part of what makes their job so flockin’ awesome is YOU. So thanks for being a Bluebird.

Questions? Our CCR team is always ready and willing to assist, at least from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST Monday through Friday (they have to rest too, you know?). Give us a call at (720) 726-5132 or send an email to info@bluebirdbotanicals.com

See you around the nest soon.

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